Help your school with recruiting by using our 3D tours

Creating Peace of Mind

With an easy to use interface, your school becomes a virtual tour platform providing staff and parents with an impressive, safe user experience enhanced with high quality Live Video chat, Video content, Campus tours and Virtual Live Open Day scheduling.
By enabling parents to see and explore your campus in immersive 3D, you will save time on in-person tours and complete more Open Days, more safely.

“The Skymattix team was able to capture the new common are for our student residents. This has given us the opportunity to actively promote on social media and our admissions website.”

Sharlene O.Cadence Manager

True floorplans & print quality hdr photos

For a small additional charge 2D floor plans can be provided with your 3D tour. The Pro2 camera uses Lidar to give you true measurements of the property. There is no more need to hire an expensive CAD expert or utilize office staff to create floor plans that may be using old measurements. With our scanning cameras we can give you the current true measurements and square footage. 3D point cloud files can also be provided for Revit, AutoCAD and SketchUp.

A Skymattix Matterport digital twin is a great asset for education COVID-compliant planning. The facilities team can easily figure out how students will walk through hallways, enter and exit bathrooms, and access sanitation stations in Floorplan view. The school administration can also configure classrooms and common areas, like the cafeteria, so that seating is accurately distanced with Measurement Mode. In addition, giving First Responders access to a digital twin of the school provides them with vital information – such as entry and access points – in case an emergency strikes.

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