Insurance and Restoration

Share 3D models with engineers, adjusters, builders, and policyholders.

Maximize revenue and speed up the process.

Whether you’re an insurance carrier, a claims adjuster, restoration / renovation company, or property owner, Skymattix delivers accurate, transparent, and fair documentation and valuations. Save time, cut costs, and close claims much faster.
There's no need for hundreds of photographs, measurements, repeat site visits, and written statements with 3D walkthroughs. You can provide comprehensive loss documentation in an indisputable single source of truth.

“With the Skymattix 3D tours we are able to secure accurate dollars for our clients as insurance companies can see the actual damage. It has been a game changer”

Harry S.Baton Rouge Restoration

Matterport TruePlan™ for Xactimate®

An invaluable new tool to save time and money for insurance and restoration industries.

A first-of-its-kind service, Matterport TruePlan™ generates SKX files in both floor plan and 3D views from Matterport models that can be easily imported into Xactimate® software.

Restoration contractors and insurance adjusters no longer need to manually measure and sketch properties to determine the value of the property loss, and estimate repair and rebuilding costs. Our turnkey TruePlan add-on service delivers an accurate Xactimate-compatible file (.SKX) within 48 hours of being ordered from the Matterport platform.

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